Title: 1 Female & 1 Male Lead for Music Video (Unpaid)

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Hi all we’re shooting a music video for a young Melbourne pop group and we’re looking to cast a female and male lead to act as a couple. The music video will be performance/story based and this casting is for the story aspect. NOTE: This is not a commercial project, this is a group of uni students working with little to no money who are looking to give an opportunity to actors looking to boost their showreels and help us in making an absolutely awesome music video for our assignment.

Synopsis: A woman arrives home and breaks down into tears after seeing a photo of her and her boyfriend. She walks around the house and flashbacks to memories of them doing couple-type activities around the house, one of these flashbacks shows her boyfriend leaving the house with a suitcase and her crying at the door watching him leave. She attempts to console herself throughout the video but truly seems to struggle with the fact her boyfriend is not with her. At the end of the music video we see her getting ready to leave the house in a huff and as she opens the door her boyfriend is standing there with a rose and dressed in an army uniform. He has come home from war. This is a fairly stripped back synopsis of the story and we’d love to go more in depth with any actress/actor that wants to apply for the roles.

Seeing as this is an unpaid opportunity catering will be provided and a copy of the music video will be provided upon completion of the edit. This is a good opportunity to enhance your showreel with a dramatic performance

Shooting Date: Friday 1st of April, 2016, Filming will take place in Mulgrave, Victoria – 21 Kilometres South East of the Melbourne CBD. No audition dates are available so we’ll be going off of your showreels

Upon casting, a meeting with the director will occur before the shoot to further explore the dramatic aspects and subtext of the role.

Sebastian Correa – Rygan Productions



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