I would like to extend my portfolio and offer school formal photography .
I am looking for a 18 year old model with long hair. It would be a bonus if you can provide a dress which would be suitable for a school formal. Please apply with photo and your dress size.
I am looking as well for a talented make up artist (or one who is not completely finished with her studies) who can provide a formal hair style and suitable make up
For the make up artist this might be the chance for future arrangements.

Please note: This job will be not paid. Everybody is working for free.

Hair and Make Up for school formal photo shoot

I am looking for a hair and make up artist to provide a suitable hair style and make up for a school formal photo shoot. I would prefer somebody fresh out of school or close in front of finishing her studies because I’d like to give you the opportunity for future arrangements. It’ll be even better for you if you live in the West of Melbourne to minimise travel time

Please Note: This job will be not paid. All participants work completely for free

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Victoria, Australia

Apply now


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