I am the inventor of the Neckline Trainer, the worlds first exercise system for the neck, chin and Jawline. This product has produced amazing results selling over 1.7 million units world wide and is currently featuring on a UK shopping channel. We are currently recruiting mature age facial models between 30 and 60 years, to embark on our next exciting phase: A six week facial exercise programme which includes daily use of the Neckline Trainer and the application of a special Collagen/Retinol based, organic, anti-ageing creme. All candidates will undergo an interview assessment and will be required to follow a strict protocol as well as completing a personal feedback questionnaire. The sussessful candidates will be required to have their before photo taken and their after shot at the end of the trial. Moreover, those candidates who perform well, with outgoing personalities will be invited to join us on live TV to tell their story and demonstrate the products. We will also be selecting two models to showcase and represent the PY brand here in the UK. All candidates must confirm they have not had facial surgery or Botox or any face enhancing procedures. Those candidates who have previously applied for this trial need not re-apply as you have already been registered on the trial. We expect to commence the trials in in April.

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TV Face Models

Candidates must be confident, out going personalities, and comfortable with live TV work.
No face surgery, Botox or enhancements.
Prepared to adhere to a six week exercise regime with daily use of an organic, all natural anti-ageing face creme.

Females, aged 30 to 60 from United Kingdom

  • Minimum Modeling experience:
    Beginner, starting out

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