We are an independent production house based in Melbourne. Currently we are in pre-production stage of our first feature film. We are looking for a production manager.

We will be filming for 4 weeks during the month of May and June 2016. Two out of four weeks of filming will be in various parts of Victoria and potentially South Australia and other states so for those two weeks the entire unit will be travelling and camping at various locations.

• Manage the entire production process.
work closely with the Producer, Line Producer and First Assistant Director to break down the script page by page, and to prepare a provisional schedule.
• consult with the various Heads of Department to estimate the materials needed, assist Producers in interviewing and selecting crews and suppliers to meet production requirements.
• Negotiate, approve and arrange the rental and purchase of all production materials, equipment and supplies.
• Liaise with Location Manager and oversee the search for locations, sign location releases, and liaise with local authorities and the Police regarding permits and other permissions.

During production
• Setting up and implementing financial monitoring systems;
• controlling production expenditure;
• monitoring and controlling the progress of productions;
• overseeing production paperwork, such as releases, call sheets, and daily progress reports; Liaising with the First Assistant Director on set, to ensure that the production schedule and departmental budgets are on target.
• Make changes to the schedule as required, and ensure that these changes are brought to the attention of all relevant personnel.
• Ensuring that all final invoices for services provided are received, checked and passed for payment, overseeing that locations are signed off in accordance with agreements, and that all rental agreements are terminated, and equipment returned on time.

We are looking for two productions managers to work as a team so that the work load is divided.

Payment- Expense Paid Only

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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