Title: 3 actors required for music video shoot

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We are FTV (Film and Television) and ENT (Entertainment Business Management) students from JMC Academy and are required to make a music video for an assessment. We are looking for 2 males and 1 female to play the roles.

STORY LINE: The story follows the artist while he reflects back from his younger years. We will put the artist (actor) in a room where he will be looking at an old photo album. He gets up and starts taking photos out of the album and putting them on the wall. We cut to the beach where his younger self is playing with his friend in the sand and the water. We come back to him singing the song and then we go to the park where his younger self is climbing a tree with his friend. We come back to him putting the photos on the wall and the scene keeps changing between the performance, the park and the photos on the wall. The idea is to play with the theme of the song more than the lyrics as we are trying to create a sense of nostalgia. We want to play with the idea of the olden days being better since they represent his childhood when he didn’t have to worry about anything as well as show a childhood away from electronic devices hence the reason why we chose a beach and a park to recreate and represent his memories as these are places as that are mentioned in the lyrics.

LOCATION: Yet to be decided
SHOOTING DATES: 29th and 30th March



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