3rd year Video and Film production students in DkIT are casting for their graduate film ‘Get Up’. Roles are unpaid but travel and food expenses will be covered. Shooting will take place on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April in Dundalk.

‘Get Up’ is a story about a young woman’s battle with mental health issues and the stigma that surrounds it in modern society which is represented through her friends.

Roles we are casting for:

ZOE (Female, early 20’s): Single, quiet, hard working, on the surface seems to have it together. Tends to bottle up her emotions/not say what she wants to say. Suffers from depression/anxiety, trying to deal with it on her own, refuses to take medication. Disconnected and is not able to communicate with her friends.

AMY (Female, early 20’s): Bubbly kind of personality, wears her heart on her sleeve, people person. Somewhat childlike, can get emotional easily. The baby of the group, but also the mother figure. Generally, enjoys life and meeting new people. Gets along (usually) with Zoe’s friend Vicky, both are confident and outgoing.

VICKY (Female, early 20’s): College friend of Zoe, a bit of a know-it-all. Practically minded, applies logic to everything. Ambitious and methodical at tasks, achieves at work. Not much empathy or understanding for people who don’t have their lives together, unsympathetic. Somewhat frustrated at Zoe’s situation, but has been biting her tongue, trying not to be too harsh on her.

KARL (Male, early 20’s): Amy’s boyfriend, joker, doesn’t take life too seriously, but has a heart of gold. Friendly, likes to make sure everyone is OK. Tries to make people smile by being silly. A bit dopey at times, laid-back attitude, doesn’t stress too much over things. Sometimes Amy wishes he would take life more seriously, but overall they have a good relationship.

Casting will take place in Dundalk Outcomers, 8 Roden Place Dundalk on Saturday the 5th of March from 12pm-4pm. All are welcome but we would appreciate it if you could email us if you are attending.

We look forwarding to seeing you all.
The ‘Get Up’ team.


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