Company: Guggenheim Productions
Location: New York, NY
Compensation: $900

Project Title or Product Name: Former or Current Modern Dancers

Type of Project: Print & Video Project

Audition date TBD – please submit a photo of yourself and a resume/CV. If you have a video of yourself dancing, that’s a plus! 


Photography usage: Media: (eg digital advertising, print advertising, out of home advertising (single location – San Antonio airport – 1 week only),, EY social media channels.

Territory: US only – Time period: 24 months

Video usage: EY closed door VIP invite only events

Union Status: Nonunion

Shoot/Start Date: Friday, 2/17/17

Pay Rate: $750 + agency fee or $900 without agency fee

Agent Fee: $150 if talent has Agent 

Submission Address:


Former or Current Dancer.  40-60 years old (with an older look).  Needs to be able to move well – modern dance.   Talent should have a unique personality and look.  Interesting characteristics like tattoos are okay. White hair not necessary but more than welcome.


Guggenheim Productions
250 W 54th St Suite 405
New York, New York, 10019


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