We are looking for 5 female cyclists who are aged between 25 and 45 who own their own bikes (and helmets) for the opening and closing scenes of “Predictability”

If you ride with a group why not apply as a group? The group can have up to two men, but no newbie riders please. You are still welcome to apply as an individual but priority may be given to a group.

The film opens and closes with the small group of cyclists (about 6) travelling along a scenic route in Takapuna. Our female lead is one of the cyclists. You will be auditioned on the day with a line of dialogue and two riders will be chosen to deliver the lines.

The cycle scenes will be shot on a Saturday morning. We have scheduled this for 2nd April with options of 9th and 23rd in case of bad weather.

There is no pay, but I expect you to have a wonderful experience. You will of course receive a credit on the film, an invite to the premiere (most likely at Berkley Theatre in Mission Bay in July, and a fun day.

Predictability is a 25 min short about an eminent scientist who has found a way to peep into the future for a brief few seconds at random future dates. Volunteers offer themselves as guinea pigs for his research however some of them have life changing experiences as a result and wish they had never taken part.

The film will be Directed by Danny Phillips who won the following awards for his last film Life is for Living: Best International Short film – BBFF -Bare Bones Film Festival Oklahoma, Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film – BBFF -Bare Bones Film Festival Oklahoma, International Award of Outstanding Excellence – IFFEHC – Jakarta, Golden World Award – World Film Awards Winner of best Kiwi Short film – Kiwi International Film Festival 2015 – New Zealand, International Filmmaker of the Year Award – Filmmakers of the Year Film Festival – Indonesia.


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