Title: A model required for visual promotion for thriller/horror website

There are several projects moving forward.

The first is a role for Alice.

The role is featured for still photography. Maximum activity for a model is standing, sitting, small gestures, slow walking.

The shoot will feature the facial and physical expression of Alice during her harrowing interview.

Before applying, please read one segment to get an idea of how Alice’s character gets emotional during her interview. These moments I wish to capture in photos.

The characteristics of Alice are:

Age range 28-48
Dark long (shoulder length or lower) hair
Any colour eyes
Simple clothing
Basic make-up or none at all
5 foot to 5 foot 8″ (petite is preferred)
Asian (preferred, will consider other)


Toronto (DVP/Eglinton Area)

Availability – Friday to Monday of any week

This is a paid role.

Interviewing is done in 2 phases

Phase One
1) a sit down discussion about the details, etc.
2) a practice shoot

Phase Two
1) the official shoot

Contact me here on star now and I will answer back as promptly as possible.

This project is being fast-tracked for the Halloween Season.

2) The second Role features a young lady for several smaller stories for a single shoot. The above characteristics, physical requirements, phase description, location details are the same.

Please indicate which Role you are applying for.


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