This program follows Jake a normal lad from the city he just lives his life as it goes the same sh*t different day but this day is to be different very different from what he is used to.

It starts with Jake getting up for another day of college, eating his breakfast and getting changed not looking to good and feeling too good about himself he ends the start with sighing as he walks out his house and runs over to the bus stop, he gets on his bus to go into town, he goes on his bus seeing the regulars on his way.

He gets off his bus just outside the coffee shop Jake doesn’t really like to spend too much money in the coffee shop as its a bit expensive so he goes to use the toilet he would usually go in and use the cubical but he bumps into a hobo who tells him the door is off the toilet being gullible Jake believes him and walks out the hobo continues to speak to him and follows him this causes Jake to buy a coffee and the hobo to walk off, the server thinks he’s with the hobo and serves him with horrible customer service, he sits down to have his coffee with bits at the top and sees this girl going past him he looks at her she doesn’t notice him as she goes the other way this girl smiles at him he goes to speak to her but his phone rings..

its his friend Andy who he is on a film course with he’s filming something to do with drag queens for his final documentary and filming around the college Andy tells him he had 2 minutes to get to the bus stop so he starts running to get the bus which he gets on.

He gets off at the college where they are filming this show he helps his mates to set up the cameras none of them know what they are doing (show montage of him setting stuff up) as they are filming he is put on sound while holding the boom pool he sees this girl again as he puts the stuff down he goes over to talk to her in doing this he trips over the cables as she walks away, the film will show the annoyance of Jake as he is made to stuff, the shoot finishes as the friend says thats a rap they put the stuff away and he sees this person again he tries to catch up with her he’s then stopped by his lecturer going on about some film competition he finally gets away to get the bus but sees that the girl has got on the bus.

Looking depressed he has to wait for the bus for over 20 minutes once he gets off the bus at his stop his other connecting bus isn’t for another half an hour and its cold so he goes back to the coffee shop gets a coffee again sits down, the next thing he hears is “Hey” its the girl then the film will show both having a laugh and talking credits will roll.

I will be looking to film this all in March with hopefully auditions taking place early that month

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