Do you want to show your talent to the whole world? Here’s a golden opportunity. We are accepting submissions for ABC Discovers Talent Showcase 2016. This time, worldwide fame will be provided to writers and actors. If you have any experience in acting or writing for New York or Los Angeles showcases, you can apply for ABC Talent Development. This program offers an excellent platform for any kind of expertise and skill that might have gone unnoticed otherwise. Talent Showcase has been bringing talent and skills of different people to light since years. It has also highlighted around 41 writers, 37 original scenes that were then added to various movies and shows.

If you have any kind of experience in writing or acting for television, theatre or film, you will be given a preference. However, the platform is also open for new candidates with zero to little experience in the respective areas they apply for.

If you want to apply for writing, then submit your written scenes with a completed application in PDF format. You cannot send more than three scenes in one round. Include a cover page and add your contact information, title name, and date of submission in that page. The scene should be able to fit any script, with a solid beginning and well-defined end of the story. The page count should not exceed six pages.

For actors, send your headshot/resumes with latest photographs. Experienced candidates are preferred but you can also apply if you don’t have a very big portfolio.

The former participants of ABC Talent Showcase include Gina Rodriguez from ‘Jane: The Virgin’, Randall Park from ‘Fresh Off the Boat’, Jesse Williams from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Chrissie Fit from ‘Pitch Perfect’, Dania Ramirez from ‘Devious Maids’, Janaina Gavankar from ‘The Mysteries of Laura’, and Ali Stroker from ‘Broadway’s Spring Awakening’. The candidates who are selected will also get to perform in a night showcase for directors, talent agents, managers and esteemed professionals of this industry.

Additionally, the short listed actors will also be offered mentor-ship for a year by NY Casting Department. They will be offered guidance to further improve their auditioning and crafting skills.

Add your resume along with your writing and reel. Any previous employment history, educational and academic backgrounds, specific certifications or experience in writing or acting (stage productions, short films, scripts, feature films etc) should be clearly mentioned. The application should be completed. Any incomplete document will disqualify the candidate. The form should have all the areas completed and a requested signature.

Any submission without completed application and release form will not be considered. You can download the required documents and if you want to know more about it. The deadline is on June 5th, 2016.

So, if you see are a talented writer or actor, don’t forget to send your complete application.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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