The “Elite Finishing School” of Melbourne for Models & Actors require an assistant for their “Acting Bootcamp” Workshop.

There is plenty of mystery shrouding the art of acting. This inaccessibility, confrontation, and fear is often perpetuated by some lesser acting teachers and directors. It discourages people who are excited about trying acting for the first time, and often paralyses more experienced actors; placing them in a state of mind that is completely incompatible with the conditions of invention, openness, creative thought, and experimentation, that are essential to the acting process.

Acting shouldn’t be a mystery. It need not be overly confronting. This course will dispense with all the secrecy and give participants a simple and exhilarating insight into what acting is all about as well as providing a series of exciting acting experiences that are challenging yet non-confronting.

This approach has been really successful for seasoned professionals as well as beginners… so all are welcome!


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