I am currently working on a short Grad film. At the moment we are looking for minor roles as well as extras to cast in our film. Here is some info about the story and character as well as info about shooting dates.


A technical fault in Pleasure Hotel’s matching system finds Hilda, a firm follower in the system, re-matched with Hugo, a forbidden lover from her past. Through this, Hilda must make a choice: tread dangerous waters with her old flame or move forward with the modern world.

Further Story Background:

“Pleasure Hotel” communicates the death of romance by embellishing its present status and bringing it to a dystopian setting.
Pleasure Hotel is set in a post-war society, in which a paranoid government attempts to stifle conflict and war by adopting a certain mantra: We are born alone, live alone and die alone. People live suppressed of emotion, living in solitude to merely exist. Still, one primal interaction remains, and that is – sex, used merely for pleasure and pro-creational purposes only. Citizens convene in buildings known as ‘Pleasure Hotels’ in which they are randomly matched with a partner. Relationships are illegal, as is any outside interaction with those encountered inside Pleasure Hotel.


Rehabilitation Employees x3:
Age: 30’s to 40’s.
Employees of Pleasure Hotel’s mental health and execution system.
Three unusual looking men wanted. The stranger and more interesting the better.

Government Representative/Doctor:
Age: 40’s to 50’s.
A doctor and government representative of Pleasure Hotel. Looking for a unique and unsettling, odd looking man, of varying sizes. Though preferably quite small.

Courtroom Defendant:
Age: 20’s to 30’s.
An individual on trial for public display of emotion.

Various Extras of both genders aged between early 20’s and late 30’s for Pleasure Hotel’s waiting room. (Amount of extra’s to be clarified).

Delivery man:
Age: 20’s to 40’s.
A delivery man for Pleasure Hotel’s Government archive.

Production Title:
Pleasure Hotel

Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama

Production Type:
Student Film

Project length:
Short Film (10 minutes)

Production location:

We will not be able to pay a salary due to the budget of our film but it would be an opportunity to build their portfolios by being in our film. Transportation and food will be provided. I can send scripts and character breakdowns for you to see!

We are filming from March 29th- April 5th 2016.


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