Title: Actor Required for Short Film

Film and Television Students of Swinburne University are excited to announce the production of:
“Rob A Russian” – a comedy that follows two misfits on a robbery gone wrong. Luke is infatuated by his partner in crime, Georgie, who uses this to her advantage to get in him involved in an armed robbery. But when they barge through the door of their targeted pub, little did they expect that they would be gate-crashing a Russian Funeral Wake.

We are looking for a young male actor to volunteer and feature in our project, to play one of our lead roles in our production. We are looking for someone to play our love – struck adolescent Luke, who is ready for anything – except a a group of vodka-drinking Russians.
Filming will commence on Monday 2nd May and finish on Tuesday 3rd May.
NOTE: Auditions will be held for successful applicants on Monday 21st April 2016, from 6:30pm. If you are interested in being involved, please apply with a recent updated version of your CV and a headshot (show reels are optional), and all successful applicants will be contacted with further information.


Luke begins as a particularly soft character who will do anything for the woman he is in love with. Having only known her for a few months, he is lured into a plan to rob a pub with her, for the sake of her pleasure alone. Love struck, he does as he is commanded, only to relax and loosen up after bonding with the Funeral Wake Attendees. From the moment he steps into the bar, his fear of disappointing Georgie begins to disappear as he starts to think for himself.

Males, aged 20 to 24 from Victoria, Australia

  • Acting experience:
    Extra – Previous unpaid speaking roles
  • Attended drama school:

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