Title: Actor Wanted for Exciting Dark Comedy/Horror

We are looking for a talented actor to play an important role in our latest short film “Coco”. The film is a dark comedy/horror based on the short horror story “The Black Cat” by Edgar allan poe however, this story replaces the cat with a teddy bear that causes our main protagonist “Louise Cassidy” to have paranoia.

Please provide me with your email, so I can send you a PDF of the script for you to read and understand the Synopsis.

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Coco/Shane Roberts

This will be a duel role. You will play both Coco, a brown fluffy teddy bear (Voice Over), and Shane Roberts. Both of these characters are the same person within the storyline. For example, Shane can transfer his voice into the teddy bear, so he can communicate with Louise.

Shane’s motif is to get revenge on Louise, after she killed him. He has a “hard man” personality and rough voice, but he can come across as caring when speaking to his family (similar to Frank Gallagher, Shameless).

Males, aged 20 to 45 from Doncaster, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Languages:

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