OK OK ROUND 1 OF WEEDING OUT LOSERS THAT WASTE MY TIME IS OVER, TIME FOR ROUND 2, figured 1 out of every 100 applicants are actually serious about acting :/

my 1st episode entitled “DEAD END” is in post production, “DEAD END 2” will be shot in the summer Deputy Shane Marcellin has gone rogue and fled to Trinidad. Must have a valid passport and not afraid to fly the shoot will take place in Trinidad airfare and hotel will be paid for if we shoot in Canada pay will be 100$/day. The shoot will hopefully take 3 days to complete. Parts that are available is my character Deputy Shane Marcellin I can’t stand acting and directing it feels annoying the actual Shane Marcellin, the real Shane slept in for rehearsals so I had to step up. Deputies Leigh and Kyle didn’t want to fly for a scenario in “DEAD END” so it’s safe to say the want wont to fly in “DEAD END 2” and the person playing Deputy Seabass has a job job type job and I don’t think I can shoot around 1 persons schedule again.


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