URGENT- Our actors have dropped out for this weeks shoot so we have had to reschedule for the 25th and 26th. We need committed actors as time is really cut short for our final edit. If you are free both days and are happy to take part in our short drama please read the descriptions below. EXPENSES MAY BE NEGOTIATED and we can pick you up from the train station if you are travelling. Thank you.

Description- Short Film is roughly 8 minutes and will require the talent for two days of shooting. This is expected to be filmed mid April, the exact dates will be posted shortly and can be adaptable depending on talent.

Situated in a suburban house a Wake is taking place. Throughout the years Karen has been keeping a secret that was once bearable however, now her husband has passed away, Karen must confront the errors of her past. With no place to hide and her son, Jack, remaining her main concern, Karen must keep Tom, who is prepared to reveal all for justice, far away from Jack.

Tom is more than just a guest paying their respects. Tom is Jack’s real father and with a spot waiting to be filled, he wants to take it.

Further details will be given upon request.

Contributors/Talent – (subject to change) will be required to be dressed in black to fit into the setting of a Wake.

Mother- Karen, Mid 30s/ 40s.
Karen is, typically, a friendly woman but is currently mourning the death of her husband. Her demeanour is clearly upset, agitated and her mannerisms suggest she is struggling to keep it together. She is aware that there is a big secret that may be revealed during the wake once Tom approaches her. She was given a choice between two brothers but has her past infidelity come back to haunt her?

Uncle- Tom, Mid 40s. Tom is a devious character with a clear motive. He has not seen Karen for a long period of time and now his brother (her deceased husband) has passed he feels all the years he has been kept away from the family deserves some retribution. He appears to be cocky and bitter. His motive isn’t entirely clear but money from Karen to buy his silence is an option.

Son- Jack. This role will require the talent to be 18 or over but will play the part of a 16/17 year old. Jack has no clue who Tom is or the history that Tom has with his mother, despite Tom being his actual uncle. He is quiet and mourning the death of his father, there is a subtle hint of anger that Jack feels towards the situation. When the secret is revealed, Jack’s character, will inevitably become more vocal and distressed.


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