We are casting a road trip photo shoot!

We’ve been wanting to shoot a road trip for a while, and we figured the best way would be to actually go on one.

Our small cast and crew will travel Europe together in style, though the van may look like a vintage camper it’s only a year old so we get all the charm without the hassle of chugging along alpine roads in a rusty old car from 1973.- see picture at the top.

We believe the only way to create authentic images is to have genuine fun, real fun does not clock in and out from 9-5. We plan to be spontaneous and shoot as we go, this is why we’ll be traveling together, staying together, cooking and eating together. It’s a real road trip as much as its a shoot and a job.

We have booked some of the most gorgeous AirBnb apartments in Europe. We’ll be exploring charming towns. Swimming in hidden beaches, rivers, lakes. Discovering the most epic landscapes. And sometimes just hanging out.

We are looking for models to join us for various stages of the trip. You can apply for a specific part of he trip, or for the whole thing. If we end up choosing you for multiple stages we will fly you back and forth to your European city of choice during breaks / weeks when you are not shooting with us.

Requirements for all models:

If it rains we will shoot you dancing in the rain so you have to be happy to get wet without a fuss.
Happy to wake up for sunrise so we can catch the beautiful early morning light
Can pack very light
Valid European Passport, or passport that doesn’t restrict European travel
Happy to do own hair and make-up when there is no make-up artists (In big cities we will often get a make-up artists in, but when we are on the road it’s up to you)
Love being photographed and filmed on holiday!

£300 / day for days that we are shooting, £50/ day for rest days. If we fly you back home for a break you don’t get paid for those days, the £50/day pay is only for when you are still with us on a break. No additional pay for time travelling to meet up with us. We pay monthly via BACS upon receipt of invoice.
We will cover all your food + non-alcoholic drinks, accommodation and travel costs.


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