Title: Actors Needed for an Exciting Short Film Drama

This is Meg Duncan, writer of Swinburne 16mm film Pyramid. Set on Victoria’s coast
in 1990, this is a story about Jack, a young man who stubbornly avoids grieving his
mother’s death. His friends, Rory and Sam, have taken him camping for the
weekend, but when news brakes that Geelong Building Society has collapsed and
Jack realises that he has lost everything his mother left him, he comes to the
challenging conclusion that life moves on, and that he must move with it.

Please find below the character descriptions for the five roles we are currently
casting. Auditions will be held on Saturday the 9 th of April, between 12am and 1:30pm at
Swinburne University. Please also keep Sunday the 10 th free
between 10am and 11am, as we may need to call you back. If you are interested and
would like a copy of the script please apply here.

Jack (19-22)

Loud and outgoing, Jack is a popular uni student who loves to be the center of
attention. His mother died about two months prior to the beginning of the film, and
since then, Jack has avoided grieving her almost completely. Instead, his personality
has inflated, the drinking and partying has increased, he’s started kissing his friend
Rory to distract himself, and he’s stopped caring about classes. Jack used to dream
of travelling, being spontaneous and taking risks, but it seems he’s put his dreams on
hold. Gliding through a destructive state of “pause”, Jack is lost.

Sam (19-22)
Sam is Jack’s longstanding best friend. Like Jack, he is also a larrikin, but he is the
sensible one of the two. Sam is reliable, kind, and extremely worried about Jack. He
wishes that he could somehow pull Jack out of the terrible rut he is in, but ultimately
realises that this can only be done by Jack himself.

Rory (19-22)
Rory has been a friend of Jacks for a few years. They have fun together, and as they
are both big personalities, their relationship has always been flirty. But they only
started sleeping together after Jack’s mum died. Rory knows deep down that Jack is
using her as a distraction, but she doesn’t mind. She thinks it’s because she doesn’t
know how else to comfort him, be deep down it’s because Rory herself is in need of
a distraction.

Howard (60-70)

Howard is a very warm, chilled-out man. He worked hard, saved money, and is
recently retired. He and his wife, Marg, are travelling around Australia in a caravan
while the money they stowed away in Pyramid Bank gains interest. Despite brushing
off sentimentality, Howard has had many years to experience and understand the
ways of love and loss. He takes a liking to Jack, and offers him genuine care and

Marg (60-70)

Marg is a fun-haver. She loves her husband very much, and is loving their caravan
trip around Australia. She isn’t fussed by the small space and less-than- lavish lifestyle
– in fact, she quite enjoys it. Marg is happiest when surrounded by nature, and as
such, believes that everything happens for a reason as part of nature’s cycle.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any question. We’re looking forward to hearing from you
and seeing what you have to give to the characters!


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