We are looking for four actors to star in an original children’s play to be performed at Te Pou Theatre the week of April 18th.
The Play:

Pirates Vs. Ninjas (Vs The Evil Vampire Wizards)
Directed by John Goudge
Written by Russell King

Captain Bob is one of the most feared pirates to ever sail the seven seas. But what makes him so great? His magic socks that never get wet, of course. With them he can face any challenge that the high seas have to offer. However, one night his socks are stolen by a pirate’s greatest enemy- a ninja! He quickly finds the thief only to come across an even greater threat: The Evil Vampire Wizards! Now Bob and the mysterious ninja, named Steve, must put their differences aside in order to defeat the greatest threat ever known to anyone on land or sea.
Recommended Audience age 7+


Captain Bob – A rambunctious pirate with a spring in his step and a song in his heart. Wanted to be called “The Dread Pirate Roberts”, but apparently that name was already taken.

Swabby – Captain Bob’s eager sidekick. A bit of coward, but with a kind heart and a strong sense of loyalty.

Sweepy – Swabby’s identical landlubber cousin. Knows a bit about magic. For the right price.

Steve – A mysterious ninja master. She steals the socks for an unknown reason. Yes, she’s a girl named “Steve.”

Hairy Gary – The most beautiful mermaid in all the land (according to himself.)

The Fat Vampire – A dark figure with a hidden connection to Captain Bob’s past.

Lackey – The Fat Vampire’s subordinate.

Additional Show info:

The show is approximately 45 minutes long.

Show dates will be during the week of April 18th. There will be two shows performed daily from Thursday the 21st – Sunday The 24th Thursday, Friday and Sunday’s shows will be at 11am and 2 pm. Saturday’s shows will be 11am and 7 pm. There will also be a preview performance on Wednesday the 20th at 7 pm.

Payment for this show will be profit-share.

The Audition:

We will be holding a workshop type audition at Te Pou Theatre in New Lynn on the evening of Monday February 29th from 8-10pm. (44a Portage Road) This will be a group audition to find people who work well together. Please wear comfortable attire as the audition process will be quite physical.

What we are looking for:

Actors between the ages of 18 and 40 with high levels of energy and enthusiasm. Must have the ability to work well and connect with other actors as well as keep an audience of children engaged for up to ¾ of an hour.

To Audition please email russking124@hotmail.com with a paragraph that includes your age, your experience and a little bit about yourself. Subject Heading: Te Pou Children’s Play.

All questions and requests for additional information welcome.


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