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About the play:

“Stirrups” is a comedy play portraying a girl who goes into womanhood and struggles with controlling her own body. The duration of the play is of 1 hour and 30 minutes and begins from the 1970’s period and ends in today’s era. Most of the play takes place in a gynecologist’s office.

Team of the play:

  • Presented by Stacey Powell’s & OABC, Inc.
  • Producer: Maggie L. Harrer
  • Director: Sydney Golden

Schedule breakdown:

  • Rehearsal dates: Beginning from 25th July 2016 to 13th August 2016 with the Sundays off.
  • Rehearsal timings: 9:00 am-3:00 pm.
  • Tech Dates and timings: Monday, August 15,2016; beginning from 8:00 am till Noon
  • Performance dates: 15th and 17th August at 9:00 pm and 20th August on 3:30 pm.

Applicants must make note of the above dates and timings and must be available for all the parts of the show with flexible timings. The venue of the rehearsals is Perf. Hudson Guild Theater, W. 26t, NYC. After applying the applicants can expect callbacks by 16th July 2016 between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Casting for the roles of:

  1. Elyse marks:

Elyse is the main character who ages from her late teens to her 60’s. As a teenager she was a rebel and as a woman she had a bitter disposition which all led to her being a very independent, outspoken and a strong lady in her older years.

  1. Beatrice marks/caretaker:

Beatrice is the character that plays the role of Elyse’s mother. She is a passionate and ambitious mother who wishes to be modern and stay close to her daughter. She is very keen on storing special moments with her daughter in a photograph and doest like to miss any opportunity. The actress applying for this role would also double as a caretaker of an Alzheimer’s patients in to scenes. The applicant could be in her late 30’s to her 50’s.

  1. Dr. Steve Sheldon/ Dr. Robert Sheldon:

The actor applying for this role could be of any age between 28 to 55 years old. He’ll play the characters of both Dr Steve and Dr. Robert.

  • Dr. Steve is having some troubles with his own life, lack of confidence and identity; he struggles throughout the play.
  • Steve has a nephew named Dr. Robert who is known for treating his patients with a stop watch and remains in style with his GQ persona and slick and modern personality.
  1. Nurse Carol:

The actress applying for this role could be of any age between 25 to 65 years old.
Though Nurse Carol is very considerate and caring of her patients, she really wishes to be pursuing a career of a stand-up comedienne.

  1. Diana Reynolds/ hippie chick

The actress could be of any age between 22 to 55 years old. Diana Reynolds is young and belongs from Woodstock. She is hippy, discovers religion and becomes a born-again Christian wife. She began to suffer from Alzheimer’s.

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