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We are a production company based in Sydney that are creating a web series for the worlds largest online marketplace.
This web series will feature actors in a featured extra capacity – no speaking roles, but will be huge exposure and great for you reel.

This job is PAID.

Please apply under the following criteria:
– Applicants must be based within the greater Sydney area and be willing to travel in to a casting and 1 x day shoot
– You MUST have a reel in order to be successful, please do NOT apply if you do not have one. Applicants without one will not be considered for the roles below.
If you don’t have a reel, shoot a 1-2min video of yourself using up to 3 kitchen appliances (non speaking).

Once we receive a pool of applicants, we will shortlist the actors we feel are relevant and ask you in for a casting.
This will likely be w/c 22nd February

These are the categories of people we are looking for. In your application, please list the category that is relevant to you:

Casting for a family…
Mother aged 40 – 50 yrs old
Father aged 40 – 50 yrs old
Teenage daughter – 14 – 18 yrs old
Teenage son – 12 – 16 yrs old

Casting for a dinner party…
Mixed Male & Female’s aged 30 – 40 yrs old

Casting for an attractive couple, and an oddball male…
Mixed Male & Female’s aged 30 – 40 yrs old
Male aged 35 – 50 yrs old

We look forward tor receiving your reels!

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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