The Gallery is a confession.

Ethan is that type; watchful, deliberate, a curator. He is finally getting noticed as the artist he knew he could be. It’s success, blood in water, exactly what he has being waiting for. After the highs of his first successful exhibition, the usually tight lipped Ethan is feeling a little generous. Listen in, as he confesses the dark secrets to his success.

Unrequited love, swollen egos and a master manipulator paints the audience a very sordid picture. The artistry of the femme fatale and the blood red paint on hands caught red handed pump through The Gallery like veins as Ethan reveals how life imitates art and how art imitates, and perhaps dissipates, life.

Ethan is that type. Chaos, neatly framed in a calm exterior. He is splattered paint, hung of clean gallery walls. Ethan’s internal conflict is taken to extreme ends when he blurs the lines between art, love and life.

Key Crew

Nat Rose is a Melbourne based writer who has completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) at Flinders University. The Gallery was first published in New York literary magazine called The Sonder Review as a short story. Nat has now adapted the short story for film.

Alex is a graduate of Swinburne’s Bachelor of Film and Television. She has Produced and Co-Produced numerous short films, many of which have screened a festivals both here and abroad. She now works full time in the creative sector.

Director of Photography
Lochlan is a graduate of Swinburne’s Bachelor of Film and Television. As Director of Photography for a number of short films, he has found success both here and overseas. He has also gained his Steadicam qualification, and currently works with cinema equipment.

Art Director
Zara is a Melbourne based photographer and visual arts graduate. Her heart lies with fine art photography but she has shot everything from fashion look books through to weddings. She has been featured in publications such as Yen, Frankie and Hessian magazines and she has worked extensively in the photographic industry in both Melbourne and Sydney.

These are unpaid roles, however expenses will be covered.
Successful applicants will be invited to audition on Sunday October 9th.


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