The title of the film is ‘H.P. Lovecraft’s The Terrible Old Man’ & I have set up a Facebook page for the project if you want to have a look.

I’m really excited about this project now that I have the screenplay from my writer. The actual short story wouldn’t be that entertaining as a straight adaptation, so we have expanded it with some back stories, changed the time/location & plan to show exactly how the criminals all meet their demise. This won’t be a typical splatter movie though & I will be wanting to try out some ambitious ideas to bring something unique to the project.

“Lee Hedges is having a bad day, debts are piling up & he has just lost his job. With bailiffs about to take away everything he owns; Lee reluctantly agrees to be the getaway driver for two of his criminal mates. The plan is to rob a mysterious old man who some locals say is descended from an 18th Century Pirate Captain, whilst others say he actually is the Captain. The one thing they are certain of is that he has an enormous stash of doubloons. Despite the warnings of an old family friend, the three endeavour to liberate the gold for themselves.”

I’m looking to shoot this over 2 weekends in October, 15th/16th & 22nd/23rd for principle photography, with maybe an extra day or 2 to ensure coverage. Not everyone will be required every day though.

Auditions will now take place on Skype & I hope to run at least one rehearsal before filming.

I’m 44 & doing an online Master’s Degree with a focus on Directing with Raindance/ Staffordshire Uni.This will be my final project of the course & my intention is to submit to a number of Horror Film Festivals worldwide in 2017 including the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.

I’m also unemployed (long story), so at this moment in time I have managed to put aside £500 for props & to feed cast/crew (not cheap pizzas!), but hope to get more in the pot before shooting starts. I can’t guarantee covering travelling expenses for everyone at this stage, but if I can, I will. I have an estate car, so could pick up to 4 people up from central Derby to get to & from filming locations.

The focus of my last 3 Uni modules were: shooting for the edit & a director’s role in post; communicating with actors to get better performances; & the connection between script analysis & the emotional beats of a story.

If you wish to see the body of my work to date, starting from my first amateur interest in the art back in 2013, you can check it out at my website. Everything is there, warts & all, except for my last & most professional project which is currently in post (this was my first film with an experienced DoP rather than an amateur crew). All of these films were shot with little or no budget.

In addition to all my studies on the course, in the last month, I’ve spent 2 full weekends at Raindance HQ on their ‘Hands on Directing’ course with Patrick Tucker who teaches things you just don’t hear anywhere else. This is where I was inspired for some of the more ambitious shots I want to achieve. In addition, he teaches things about acting for the screen which you don’t get taught in drama school which I will be sharing. Seriously (I attend acting classes too), these tips could really be beneficial to you for your next big movie audition if you don’t know them already.
IMDb credits will be given.


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