The Way is a short film about two brothers who have been living life rough for the last fours years, they strongly believe their mother was murdered by their step-father for a large amount of money but cannot prove this and now their step-father is a rich associate and is very well protected.
The brothers decide to take him for what he has, their main goal being money as a means of revenge, but with this there comes risks as their friends decide to get involved and help them, but not everyone will walk way happy or alive.

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Mike is a part of the main group of friends, he is known for being a good friend, and has a good friendship with Alex as the two have been good friends for many years, he is mainly seen with Carlos as the two are paired working with one another.

Males, aged 18 to 24 from Brighton, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Skin colour:
  • Languages:
  • Accents:
    UK English

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