Actors needed for a short online film inspired by Wes Anderson aesthetic. Think colourful wardrobe and props, awkward comedy, swish pans, wonderful production design and lots of tracking shots.
This is going to be the centerpiece for our new website(launching in April this year) and will act as our Home Page Video. We’re all big cinephiles here at Upside so the thought of whipping together a narrative short film to tell our story and at the same time paying homage to Wes Anderson feels like the right combination. To film the piece we’re flying our in-house director from Vancouver, Canada and will have a creative crew complete with our very talented DP, Kate Tartsus.
Shooting around Melbourne February 28 – March 1.
We are looking to cast for the following:

Pete (Restaurant Owner): Male, mid 30’s. Pete is a charismatic young entrepreneur who spent his twenties travelling the world, working in restaurants and bars. He is an industrious and passionate individual who works tirelessly to achieve his goals.

Susan (HR Manager): Female, late 20’s. Susan is a diligent and sophisticated industry professional who commands respect everywhere she goes, insists upon the best— and more often than not, gets what she wants.


Tim (Barista): Male, early 20’s. Tim is handsome, charismatic and smart— Leading Man type. Fashion savvy, tech savvy and sociable, he epitomizes the millennial generation.


Actor Role (One line or less)

French Chef – Male, late 40’s. A perfectionist who doesn’t bat an eyelid while insulting and belittling his staff.



Please submit headshot along with reel(if available) to be considered. Shortlisted actors will be asked to submit a self-tape audition.


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