I need actors to perform role plays in front of the general public on Wednesday march 9 at Fairfield
there are two workshops one from 1 to 3 pm near Fairfield hospital
the other from 6 to 8 pm near Fairfield station
in the role plays you will be resistant youth , social workers , doctors, parents
the workshops explore youth intervention issues and youth motivation issues
the audience are young people and youth workers as well as people in the community
food is provided and an opportunity to work live
both locations are accessible by public transport
if this interest me just shoot a face picture
having actors gives the participants an invaluable experiential view of conflict and how to deal with it in a different way
to improve the quality of their life
i need 4 people for each workshop
and have taught film and television for over 20 years
the super objective of the workshops are exploration of more productive ways to communicate
If you can assist in a volunteer capacity that’s just awesome
there will be no auditions
thanks in advance for reading this post


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