Drama King Theatre Company presents a new play, Day/Night, written and directed by Jason Ekonomides. When a group of misfitted employees at a DVD Rental Store find out their workplace is shutting down due to poor sales, they take it upon themselves to raise enough money to keep it open, by turning it into a nightclub.

Looking for actors and dancers to play club extras! This will include constant dancing through scenes as well as being able to show off your dancing skills, with every extra given the opportunity (if they wish) to have a 30 second solo! Even better, the solo can be choreographed by you (again, if you wish) Great for experience!

Not a dancer? That’s okay! We are also looking for actors to play extras at the club who aren’t dancing, such as those who are socialising in the background.

Extras would only need to come to 4 rehearsals (or at least 2, however the more rehearsals you come to the more prominent your extra role is) that are located in the Forest Hill suburb, as well as be available for the 4 nights (compulsory) the show is on for (at the same venue in Forest Hill)

A quick, easy, and guaranteed fun gig that’ll look great on your CV! Apply today!

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Club Dancer

Just be able to consistently dance in front of an audience with no shame!

OPTIONAL: Will be able to have your spotlight with a little solo in the middle of a dance circle, choreographed by you (if you wish)

Any gender, aged 14 to 99 from Victoria, Australia

  • Minimum Dancing ability:

Apply now


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