We are looking for a number of individuals who have long since greatly desired to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure to address an area of concern that has affected their lives, wellbeing or confidence. In return for your agreement to be filmed throughout the process, the renound consultant plastic surgeon, Mr Amir Nakhdjevani will carry out the procedure completely free of charge, including all pre and post-surgical care.

The procedures to be featured are all performed under a local anaesthetic, thus reducing the inherent risks involved when undergoing a procedure. All procedures will be performed within the state of the art facilities at the Bella Vou cosmetic surgery clinic in Tunbridge Well, Kent. Consultant and lead plastic Surgeon, Mr Amir Nakhdjevani will perform the procedures as well as carry out your medical assessments and follow-up consultations post-surgery. The average length of the procedures being featured vary from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Recovery time varies dependant on the procedure, it’s usual to be able to return to work within 3-5 days.

This is also an excellent opportunity for those wishing to break into reality TV as we will be producing a TV Show pilot from the footage taken as well as a series of promotional and informational videos which help the audience better understand cosmetic surgery procedures through real life experiences.

The procedures that we will be filming are:

A Facelift (Rhytidectomy) and/or Necklift (Cervicoplasty)
This would ideally suit a 50-65 year old female who would consider themselves to be slim and attractive but suffering from wrinkles and an excess of skin on her face or neck. The successful candidate must be slim and attractive but have jowls off the jawline. She must have wrinkles on lower face and/or neck.

An Upper Eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty)
Ideally a 45-65 year old male or female who is slim and attractive but whose eye’s have heavy skin on upper eye. This makes them have a tired appearance and the extra skin is resting on the eyelashes.

Surgical Correction of Prominent Ears (Otoplasty)
Ideally an 18-30 year old male.

Lip Augmentation
Ideally a 20-40 year old female – Ideal candidate would have thin lips with very little on upper. So when putting on lipstick there is not much to cover. Wanting plumper more defined lips.

Those participating will need to attend an audition in London in March.
If you are selected from these auditions you will then need to attend a filmed consultation at the Tunbridge Wells Surgery at the end of February. We would then need you for a filming day to tell your back-story, the procedure itself and a final filming day to reveal the wonderful results, all in March.

We would also like to film members of your family, or friends, expressing their support both before and after the operation.

You will be given the opportunity to discuss the project in much more detail at the audition before deciding if you would like to proceed.

Those applying should provide a CV, a photograph of you no older than 6 months old highlighting the area of your face or body that you would like rectified with cosmetic surgery and a brief overview of the reason why you would like the procedure and the difference you feel it would make to your life.


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