Actress required for promotional video shoot. The purpose of the video is to promote important fundamental ideas to high school students through social media. The length of the finished video will be approximately 7-8 minutes. I will include the audition part of the script in a separate comment.
Acting experience is not necessary.

Filming will take place in Kenmore Hills in April or May. I expect the shoot to take approximately 4 hours. I am quite flexible as to when the shoot occurs.
If the video is successful there is a good chance I will be able to raise funds for more videos. I have some wealthy contacts who are also interested in promoting these ideas.

Please create an audition video following these instructions:
1. Please dress and wear makeup as the script directs.
2. You may use an iphone or ipad camera.
3. The quality of the video doesn’t need to be great but please do arrange for someone to take good high resolution full figure photos of yourself dressed and made up for the video shoot.
4. Ensure there is very good lighting in front of you.
5. Use a plain background.
6. Perform the first part of the script up to ‘The life of a producer with a great family life and friends.’ I think this will be a 3-minute video clip.
7. If you know an actor who can take the male role for the audition so much for the better. I have not yet found an actor for the role.
8. The video can be uploaded to Dropbox or YouTube and you can then send me the link.

This is the same role as advertised before under ‘Actress Required for Promotional Video’ so please excuse me if I don’t reply if you’ve applied to the previous role.


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