OUR SIN FOR SKIN features a man with a fateful decision to make regarding the parallel relationships he finds himself in. Either live a comforting, yet debilitating lie or embrace an uncertain new dawn. Torn two ways, between two very different lovers, it is a choice that not only is he unwilling to make, but one that he may not have the full degree of control over that he envisages…

With two very talented performers already roles, I am looking for a female actor able to portray a character through visual and emotional means only; this script has no dialogue, and runs for 2 minutes.

CELINE – (Female, any age between 20-40) An Ice Princess. Cool, calculated and teasingly detached from the advances of her paramour…

(The other two, cast roles, are below for the sake of reference…)

BEN – (Male, Late 20s – 30s) The short’s primary protagonist. Split between two very different kind of relationships, the fissures of which have become unbearable…

VICK – (Male, early 20’s) One of Ben’s partners. Flamboyance soaked with vodka. A martyr to his loins. Polar opposite to Celine

It is my intention is to create a film that is grounded almost totally in the ability of the actors to deliver affecting, arresting performances.

Filming is scheduled for a half a day, (mid morning to mid afternoon) SATURDAY 12th MARCH 2016. I envisage Celine’s scenes to take no more than 2 hours to shoot.

Applicants must be available to shoot on that day.

Whilst these roles are unpaid, I am able to offer transport to the location should they require it. Also, on site catering will be provided.

Any one interested, please get in contact. Owing to time constraints, I am looking for someone ASAP. This role would be ideal for someone starting out in film acting, looking to gain experience, and will be really good for going towards building a showreel.

If interested, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply in Ad. I have a copy of the script, which I will gladly send out if requested.


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