“Neanderbaby” is the story of Tara, a young woman struggling to reconnect with her mum after a family bereavement, who is convinced by the charismatic Dr Harlowe to take part in controversial medical research: carrying a Neanderthal fetus to term. However, the physical and mental effects soon take their toll, and Tara tries to back out, only to find she has signed up for more than she anticipated.

We are looking for actress to play the role of “Janet”, a weary nurse who has seen it all, the sole voice of reason.

Auditions will be held on Wednesday the 2nd of March, video auditions received by this date will also be considered. The shoot will be Wednesday the 23rd of March, with one prior meeting/ read-through with the rest of the cast on Thursday 10th of March, in the East Finchley (N2) area.

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“Janet” – A street-wise, weary nurse

“Janet” has been a nurse for many years, and has seen and heard it all. She is the only voice of reason in the whole experiment, serving a stark contrast with the irresponsible, arrogant Dr Harlowe. “Janet” can floor a man with a look, and is feared by the young doctor for her no-nonsense approach and superior experience. Ideally we would like a brunette, just for balance with the other actors.

Females, aged 40 to 99 from London, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Languages:
  • Hair colour:

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