We’re filming a new TV ad for a well known car brand who are launching an exciting new family car onto the market. We’re looking for actors to play a typical British family in the advert and to appear at a launch event.

This ad is going to be fast-paced, eye catching and full of energy so we’re looking for a family that can portray the kind of fun activities a fun active family enjoy. Don’t worry if your whole family doesn’t fit the bill – we could accept individuals for the roles.

Ideally we want actors, not models that are natural and believable as Mum 36, Dad 38, Son 12, Daughter 9 (ages are approximate). As well as exciting action shots we have moments of humour, so its essential you are able to deliver natural looking smiles/laughter/facial expressions and respond to humorous situations.

The shoot will involve interior shots, exterior shots and filming in a moving car.

The launch event will take place across 3 days at a Warwickshire hotel with the addition of a days rehearsal. During each day of the launch event the family will be performing a short live theatrical performance for the guests.

Auditions: via Skype w/c 21st March
Rehearsals: likely to be held in Birmingham w/c 28th March and w/c 4th April
Shooting of advert: three/four days in April 2016 (likely to be w/c 11th April)
Launch event: 14th-16th June (rehearsal date to be confirmed)

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Payment: For the TV advert payment will be from £1,000 to £6,000 total, depending on whether you’re an individual or family. Payment includes full international, unlimited buyout rights (stills and video).
The launch event payment is still to be confirmed.

Applications close 18th March 2016

The descriptions below are simply from our imagination but might help paint a picture of the family.

Dad is 38.
He works for a local engineering company. He tries to go for a run a couple of times a week. He supports Man United and coaches Jack’s junior football team at weekends. He watches car stuff and comedy shows on Dave and boxsets on SKY. He’s a family man but he tries to get out for a pint with the boys every week or two. He used to buy a daily tabloid but tends to use his iPad to catch up with news, he’s not a big social media user but will post on Facebook once in a while.

White male who looks around 38
Minimum acting experience: some acting experience required – ideally with a show-reel

Mum is 36.
She works in a department store. She’s a busy mum juggling her job and home life but manages to get to the gym at least twice a week and catches up with the girls for coffee when we she can. She uses Facebook regularly. She keeps a tight reign on the family budget so they can enjoy regular treats as a family to the local pizza restaurant or cinema. Mum’s also caught the baking bug recently and often tries out new recipes with Polly.

White female who looks around 36
Minimum acting experience: some acting experience required – ideally with a show-reel


The Lisa to Jack’s Bart – Polly is a bright, precocious nine-year-old. She loves to read. Her favourite book is Matilda by Roald Dahl. She loves to dance and mum takes her to class every week. Polly worries about climate change and is keen to have the family be green and recycle.

White female who looks around 9
Minimum acting experience: some acting experience required – ideally with a show-reel


He loves football and plays at weekends in the team his dad coaches. He likes watching YouTube channels dedicated to BMX skateboard stuff. He plays FIFA and Call of Duty on xBox online with his mates. Jack does fine at school but Mum and Dad would like to see better Maths grades so they help with his homework.

White male who looks around 12
Minimum acting experience: some acting experience required – ideally with a show-reel

Applications close 18th March 2016


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