I’m currently building a bid to have a character selected to be apart of a world wide online web series from Collabfeature. I will need an Actor or Actress to initially film a short profile monologue of my character and then, if selected for the series, to appear in the short film itself. This is a wonderful opportunity for myself as a filmmaker and the actor/actress who gets selected as, if selected, the short film will be seen around the world by hundreds of different people.

The short monologue will be filmed around the back end of Feb/early March. A date will have to be arranged for the filming of the short film that will follow.

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Humanity + Scientist

The Collabfeature web series centers around the search for a worthy individual to inherit an 82 billion dollar fortune from dying Leo Richer. Richer has asked candidates to send him anything that can prove they are worthy of his fortune.

Now enters my character.

He/She is a scientist working for Humanity +, a leading organization in stem cell research. My character wants the money to help fund a project to create the first sexless being in a bid to end inequality.

Any gender, aged 30 to 45 from Leeds, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Languages:

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