Title: Are you seeking representation?

You think you are ready to take your career to the next level? Have you been training and doing all the right things but not getting auditions? Now is the time to step further and join one of the most dynamic agencies in Melbourne and Sydney.

I represent a bunch of talented actors for my agency Iconic Talent. Due to increase work and highly successful first two years, I am looking to expand and represent more actors and actresses.

All ethnicities, ages and gender are welcome.

We’ve had over 200 auditions last year among only 20 or so actors. This is over 10 auditions/year. Plus some 15 or so brilliant actors in Sydney.

We’ve built great reputation amongst Casting directors and the high number of auditions is the evidence of our hard work.

Before you apply, you will need to meet the following requirements
1: Have at least two recent professional headshots
2: Must be training or have trained in the last 12 months!
3: Have some sort of a video showing your acting ability. It doesn’t have to be a fancy video, just something from your school or even from your phone.

I look forward to seeing some applications.


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