Title: Aspiring Photographer / Photography Student – TFP

I am a certified Makeup Artist, who is looking for a photographer to team up with for photoshoots. I am in the process of creating a professional portfolio for my business, and I am hoping to pair with a photographer who is looking to do the same!
I am an experienced artist, with a versatile background in makeup of many styles and genres. I need a skilled photographer with an eye for creativity to join my team and we can help build each other up. The shots would be great for any aspiring photographer to have in their book. I will supply the models for the shoots, I would just need to to show up with your enthousiam and camera. I am more than happy to discuss further oppertunities we may have collectively.
The position is unpaid, Trade for Print, just working on each individuals portfolio.
I am looking for someone to hire for a few conscecutive mornings to get the job completed.
I am more than happy to supply coffee, and lunch to you free of charge while we work.
Approximate duration is 3 days out of one week.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me either by phone or email, and we can discuss any questions you might have.
I look forward to working on expanding our individual artistries together!


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