I am planning to direct and act in a black comedy/drama film project i have written titled “Superheroes 4”. The film is about two identical twin brothers. Both actors whose superhero show was cancelled a few years ago. They choose to call themselves Nighthawk and Captain Justice. The names of the characters they played in the show. Nighthawk suffers with Multiple sclerosis and Captain Justice suffers with Obsessive compulsive disorder. Nighthawk and Captain Justice meet two young girls named Lucy and Kate. The four of them decide to fight crime and become a team of vigilantes known as Superheroes Forever. Dressing up has superheroes. They patrol the streets to deliver justice and restore order. Superhero style. The team of superheroes face off against a serial killer. Filming will take place in the Manchester area. The job is unpaid but travel expenses will be provided.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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Assistant Director

The applicant would be the assistant director, the script supervisor and operate the camera for some of the filming. I will be directing, filming and acting in the film. So i need an applicant to operate the camera and film the scenes that i am acting in.

Anyone from United Kingdom

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