Ankit Love Films is an award winning boutique film company based in East London. Our short films and documentaries have premiered at the Cannes Film Festival while our music videos have been featured on MTV and VH1 in the USA.

We are now looking for volunteer interns for an exciting techno-political documentary project following the journey of our founder Ankit Love, an artist and activist for technology and human rights contesting in the London Mayoral elections this May. It follows his story against all odds to raise 330 nominations and a £10,000 deposit for the elections and awareness about the deadly nature of air pollution that according to professors including at Kings College kills over 9,000 people in London a year alone while the World Health Organization states that it costs the economy of the Europe region $1.6 trillion and takes 600,000 lives a year. The project will then cover his ideas to save lives by encouraging the rapid adoption of electric vehicles and solar power generation that is now available.

It will also document his struggle to pressure the delaying government to make changes to law and policy, following on a landmark Supreme Court ruling last year when the NGO ClientEarth won a case against the government forcing ministers to come up with fresh plans to deal with the illegal nitrogen dioxide levels in Britain.

The documentary project will also detail his dream to rapidly solve the London housing crisis using cutting-edge innovations in modular construction technology for a new era of cost effective social housing. Incorporating technology that was used last year by Broad Group to erect a 57 story skyscraper in just 19 days.

Amongst many other issues effecting the capital and the world this exciting project will also discuss a plan to end the war on drugs and the role London can play in leading this by de-criminalising Cannabis and analysing the historical influences of the Hearst Corporation and the legacy of the 1925 Geneva International Convention on Narcotics Control that lead to the start of it’s outright prohibition.

This is an exciting opportunity to gain valuable production experience for your CV and be part of a great and exciting cause. We are looking for motivated candidates that are hardworking and focused.

Some experience in film or video production is preferred, but not essential. A positive attitude, keenness to learn and follow directions are most important.

The initial project will run from February 17th till March 30th and while there can be a certain flexibility on dates that you can commit to during that period it would be preferable if candidates can give an outline commitment for at least a few days each week during that period.

We look forward to your applications and wish you the best!

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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