A really fun project which should have a quick turnaround, the gig is a short web commercial featuring an athlete performing sprint training. The joke of the commercial comes when the athlete takes off, only to run for a few steps before coming to a stop, with a tagline tying into one of our clients services.

No dialogue – suitable for actors or models.

Ideally 20 – 35, applicants should be athletic and able to display physicality, as well as express focus and determination. At the moment we’re taking male and female applications, and there is the potential to create multiple versions of the commercial with different actors and locations in the future.

The shoot would be single location, and take approximately 3 – 4 hours.

No date confirmed yet, but looking to shoot in Brisbane on an afternoon next week (7th to 11th March) or early the following week (14th to 16th March). Shooting date should be confirmed by the end of this week (4th March).


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