America’s Got Talent has been entertaining its viewers since more than a decade. The show shares emotions, happiness, excitement, love, tears, and lots more with everyone in the auditorium and watching the show from their homes.

What’s America’s Got Talent? It is a show that gives you a chance to unveil your talent to the world. What talent, you ask? Well, you can display any kind of talent from singing to acting, dancing, playing magic tricks, and … everything!

About America’s Got Talent

It is a show with probably one of the best judges ever. They appreciate you, guide you, teach you, give you chances, and open the doors of opportunities for you.

America’s Got Talent has become a royalty, a heritage. Its Season 12 will be broadcasted next year but the producers are already excited to meet the talent. The directors and producers of the show have not mentioned a specific auditions date yet. However, it will soon be unveiled to the candidates who pre-register themselves on the official website of America’s Got Talent. Further details about pre-registration are given at the end of this casting notice.

Casting Notice by America’s Got Talent

As always, the judges will give you 90 seconds to prove yourself. You have to entertain them, sort out emotions, or impress them in these 90 seconds. As they say, the directors want to be ‘shocked and amazed’ with your talent.


America’s Got Talent has made it easier to apply for the auditions. There are two ways to do so. You can either apply online or meet the judges in person.

Direct Auditions

There is no requirement of pre-registration for open auditions but we would highly recommend it to you. By signing up to their website, you will receive alerts about the open auditions. The management has not announced dates and locations of open auditions yet.

If you want to sign up then click on this link You will see two options at the end of the page. Click on Sign Up for Open Auditions. You can sign in with your Facebook account or create a separate account on the website.

Online Auditions

If you cannot come and meet the judges in person then you can also submit your online videos. The judges would love to see your talent. For online auditions, click on the link Here, you will see a button of Submit an Online Video. You need to register on the website or log in with your Facebook account to submit your online videos.

Remember that the video should not be longer than 2–3 minutes. The judges require simple and straightforward videos with least or no editing at all. Even if you want to introduce yourself, make sure to avoid editing the video. Promotional or marketing style videos will be rejected.

So are you prepared for America’s Got Talent? It is an open auditions call for people from all ages and ethnicities, and coming from all cities, so don’t miss the chance!

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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