Company: Lisa Fagan Dance Problems
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Compensation: $200 performance stipend

Lisa Fagan Dance Problems is looking for dancers for a new project! The audition will take place

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

6pm-8pm at BAX (Brooklyn Arts Exchange): 421 5th Ave, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215

This work will have its first performance this coming spring 2017 in the Movement Research at Judson Church series. Although the organization has not yet released performance dates for this series, show date will be announced at the audition. We are sorry we don’t have this information for you now and hope it will not dissuade you from attending!


LFDP creates deeply physical works of multi-disciplinary performance; performers must be comfortable using thier voices on stage, speaking candidly to an audience, and learning complex choreography.  Please expect to stay for the full two hours. 


IMPORTANT NOTE! This show is intended to be a “pilot” for a larger, evening length show that will continue work into the future. The work put into the Judson show will be the the first period of development for a show that intends to be much larger. 

The cast for this work is only obligated to work for approximately three months, up to and including the performance at Judson, and will then have the option to continue work or not. You will not be asked to commit to anything other than the Judson show if you join this cast. 

More information about performances, process, rehearsal schedule and long term plans for this project will be explained at the audition. Please reach out with any questions to

For more about the work:

Thank you so much and Happy New Year!
“…Uproariously funny….Lisa Fagan and Hannah Mitchell excel when they speak or sing, revealing experience with vocalization that dancers often lack. In fact, a natural confidence permeates this work. It’s apparent when Fagan, who takes on the technical dancing, floats through the choreography. It’s also apparent in the way that Mitchell vocalizes in the stilted, mechanical tone of an automatic recording — she’s utterly convincing and deeply unsettling…..” (Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone, Dance Enthusiast, April 19th 2016)



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