Title: Auditioning New Faces for Film & TV in Central and North QLD

Agency888 pty ltd,

Established 18 years in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast.

We are recruiting a talent base that is regional.


QLD is the capital of “location shooting” and national promotional campaigns.

Now that we have technology that allows you to cast online we can recruit you where ever you live.

What does this mean? It means you can cast, say ” I love my holden” , or “would you like fries with that?” by loading this directly onto your online profile and we can then submit directly to the client in our “secure pass word protected ” web site.

The reality with this business is, for most actors and Models in the industry it would be fair to consider this opportunity as a paid hobby.

For others it is a great stepping stone for stardom.

We all have to start somewhere!

Being on a TV commercial, movie or photo shoot is cool, fun and mostly pays very well. All shapes, sizes and ages are welcome to apply.{appointments only}

This opportunity is for people who perhaps have not got a chance for serious representation because of their location. { we are coming to you}.

Being in your area gives you the chance to try out.

IF you are good we will want you to join, if you need improvement, we will tell you there and then.

For those who ‘need improvement’ we can offer back ground level status until your skill base rises.

People ask us “what will we earn? Will I get work?

If your OK with this honesty and would like to try out, for a serious agency, than this is your chance.

We don’t charge you to join the agency,as we make commission when you get paid work. There is an option to subscribe ,to a pass word proceeded industry data base however this is only made available to those we want to manage over a two year period.

We also won’t be promoting some rot about going to America, and paying $1000’s of dollars etc. Check us out on the net, we are real and we get a lot of people a lot of work in TV, modeling and movies.

Not every one,yes ,but we guarantee that if you are on our books we will100% send your photos to clients in the big game.

Remember if your not in there in front of clients eyes, if they can’t see you ,your skills and abilities then they won’t hire you. Why should you miss out? The difference between you and a movie star is access to creditable opportunity,quality marketing and management , oops! yes, and luck.

Agency 888 will bring most of those and with your assistance we will build a good long term relationship and see what happens.

Agency888 is a grass roots management and marketing company. The opportunity is for those creative soles who have the ability to act,model or perform but have never had the chance. Potential has to meet opportunity for there to be an outcome.

We will be recruiting in Rockhampton/ Yeppoon, Mackay,Townsville and Cairns. As we are only in town a few days it is very important to secure your interview.

?Each job booked follows the strict guidelines of the employment act and fair work as well as all child protection responsibilities.

Now that we have relieved your mind that we are not dodgy, you won’t have a lot of time to book an appointment as they will fill quickly. Pass this email to your friend, you may know some one who is talented and needs a break.

Email your name, age {children must be accompanied by a parent},phone details, the town you are from, and which town you would like an interview.

If you’re from a farm in the back of Winton, a student, teacher in a class room, or in a mine we will want to see you.


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