This advert is for a project that is distinct from my main StarNow composer/MD profile.

The band, with which I have been associated since it started, in 2009, has successfully worked throughout the UK and the rest of Europe, having played at venues ranging from clubs to headline spots at major festivals. Our last album, released in 2014 received 5-star reviews in prog, metal, and other magazines, both physical and online.

Additionally, we have appeared in featured articles in magazines such as Prog (UK) Orkus (Germany) and Progression (USA.) The editor of Prog magazine, which also featured one of our tracks on its cover CD recently, described us as “Tarja meets Solistice – a breath of fresh air.”

That comment perhaps gives you an idea of the band’s musical style. Whereas we were previously more electronic, having been likened to Ozric Tentacles and The Orb, we have now moved in the direction of progressive/symphonic/rock/metal. As a result, we have made changes to the band’s lineup, and the only missing piece currently is a permanent bass player, male or female. We have already played a few gigs with the new sound, and the reception has been fantastic, so we know that we’re on the right course.

We are just completing our third album. We then plan to embark upon a promotional campaign, shooting new videos to go along with it. We have agents standing by in the UK and Europe, ready to commence pushing the band as soon as we are ready, but do not have many gigs booked at present. Therefore, this is a project that will eventually pay off, but which first requires patience and application. If you are looking for a band that gives you an immediate income from regular gigs, this is not it. However, if you identify with what we are doing, it’s a chance to jump on board something that is already halfway towards becoming an very successful established band.

What we can offer:

Our own rehearsal and recording facilities in London NW11.
Our own transport and PA (for smaller gigs) – all financed from our worldwide CD sales.
The opportunity to become a creative member of something unique, not just a session player.
Ultimately, quality gigs throughout the UK and Europe.

What we require:
Someone who has a real feel for this music, and can give the band total commitment. We don’t need a virtuoso; just a solid reliable player.
You must live within easy travelling distance of NW11. We are very close to our local tube station, and convenient for the major traffic routes: A1, North Circular, etc.
We’re all relaxed, easy-going people who enjoy working together, and we expect someone who can fit in. We don’t want anyone who brings any baggage into the band.

What we don’t require:
Someone who already plays in three other bands and thinks he can also fit this one in as it looks like fun. If you want to take other paid gigs during the rehearsal period, fine, but once we start going again, we will require 100% commitment. If you have a day job, that could be OK, as long as you can take time off for gigs that involve travelling, or for trips abroad. (We’re talking long weekends, or short hops; a week, 10 days or so, not long tours.)

Someone who is money-orientated. I must stress that we NEVER play unpaid gigs, but to start with, we will probably have to accept gigs that pay a little less than we’d like. If you think that you will be able to choose which gigs you do based on whether you can make more money playing with someone else that night, then please don’t apply.

NO alcoholics or druggies.

Finally, if you are male, it would be good if you have lead or backing vocal ability. Most of the vocals are handled by our female singer, but there are a couple of songs that work better with a male lead, and there is scope for male harmonies on most of the songs. If you’re female, don’t let that put you off.

To find out what we sound like, please contact me with an e-mail address, and I’ll send you our Soundcloud links.


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