On the surface you feel happy, but there’s something brewing underneath. You have heaps of friends on Facebook and yet, deep down inside, you are lonely.
You know there is someone more special inside of you. You’re someone worthwhile to get to know if people could just stop and connect to each other like we used to.
Because you’re stuck in the loop of pretending that everything is great you don’t stop to really take a look at yourself, you gave up on that ages ago. Hell the thought of having your photo taken is so far off your realm you always avoid the camera and now.. You don’t exist in photos!

Let me help you get past the surface and show you how beautiful your heart is. I am looking for women looking for more than a friendly hello. I want to make a difference in your life, so if you are lonely or avoid mirrors & cameras because you don’t ever feel good enough, let me show you how wrong you are and how truly beautiful you are inside and out!

I know I don’t look like a portrait photographer, which is why I am the perfect photographer for YOU. I understand YOUR pain, I’m someone who has the same struggles you face everyday, and has avoided being in front of the camera for as long as I can remember. I’m Someone who has now dedicated their life’s work to finding & photographing YOU!

I am specially trained to make you FEEL and look incredible regardless of your age, shape, size or ability. I have just completed my training and I need YOU to practice on and I will gift you 2 beautiful photos to thank you for trusting me.


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