Female dancers needed for 6 month contracts in India for dance productions for weddings, promotional events, etc…

Applicants are not charged any fees or monthly commissions for this role.

Flights, visa and accommodation costs are all paid for.

Your accommodations are fully covered and has everything you require.
You will be paid a monthly salary, you will have a driver who will take you to and from work and expenses are paid. All meals and drinks are included while you are working and all living expenses are included.
Some jobs may include you travelling to different parts of India or possibly other countries (all expenses paid).
You will be working with some of the best choreographers in India and the biggest stars in the industry.

***GGG advisory – please note that you will note be charged any fees or billed any commissions for this role. We do not recommend you travel with any company that charges its applicants when they book a job.***


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