Casting directors need new talent to work on season 3 of the hit Netflix show, Bloodline. It was recently announced that season 3 would be the grand finale of this incredible thriller.  The drama that occurred in season 2 will only escalate as the family prepares for more terrible events.


The show stars Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini, and Jacinda Barrett. The show quickly made a name for itself across review sites and Netflix users.  It is known for its slow, but extremely tense pace.  The drama unfolds realistically and subtly, making for a slow and wild ride.  Season 3 will most likely pick up where the Rayburn family left off, but more details have not been given.


Role: Several different roles including extra work and featured speaking roles.

Location: Miami

Date: 2/15/17

Rate: Varying

This is a great opportunity to be on the final season of a fresh and exciting show that airs on Netflix.   You don’t need to have acting experience, but it will most likely help you in your audition.  Bloodline is a very tense drama series that sparks a ton of emotion in viewers as they watch the events unfold.  You can be apart of this drama, and it will look great on your resume.  Netflix is taking over the industry, so you will find several more jobs if employers see that you worked on an Original Netflix production.  Apply as soon as possible to take advantage of this chance at gaining experience and earning good money.

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