George and Ben are discussing what George should write about for his script. He asks Ben to help him write the script. Ben gives the clever idea of writing a story about writing a story. As the story progresses George likes Ben’s idea but he still thinks the film needs to have something more visually appealing.
A flashback occurs with a mysterious man in a field. The man has a box on the ground in front of him and there is a build up of music before the man picks up and opens the box. He opens the box and takes a hat out, while the music dies, and puts the hat on.
It goes back to George pacing around the room thinking of another idea, sold on the fact that the mysterious man idea wont stick. Ben tries to offer more advice but before he does his phone rings. It’s a salesperson trying to sell cat food and Ben quickly turns them down after making a joke about the situation.
George wants to eat something after hearing about food. He’s in the kitchen spreading Nutella on his crumpet as Daniel walks in. Daniel asks George if he has a spare G-string. George answers by saying he doesn’t ‘roll’ that way. George is thrown off by the question but tries to remain cool. Daniel mocks George and tells somebody off screen to show the re play of how George reacted. The scene re-sets back to after Daniel clarifies he meant a guitar G-string. After George answers no he has an epiphany. He kisses Dan on the forehead and runs off.
Flashback of a body builder playing guitar and singing in a G-string.
We are back in the studio with Ben and George discussing the singing body builder. George has another thought. There is another flashback of a Samurai in a forest. He awaits as he hears rustles and wind.
When we go back to George and Ben we are in another location, an editing suite that appears to be in a university. Both the guys think that their short film ideas are getting better. Without further ado, Samantha walks in. She is visibly scared and asks the boys for help. Ben turns to George and tells him they should do the scenes with Samantha in Film Noir style. They agree and the film goes into a fantasy sequence in film noir.
Samantha tries explaining what happened but George keeps interrupting her with irrelevant questions. She eventually gets mad and gets up to leave the room. George calls her back and tells her to look at what they have. They continue their discussion until Director yells out telling the scene to stop.
He has a go at her for not remembering her lines. After that he tells her how she wants her to be. Director is interrupted by Rogers who has important information regarding a future film project. Director gets furious at Rogers for talking to him and immediately kicks him out of set.
Carla, the 1st AD calls quiet on set and shouts out the commands to begin the scene. We zoom out of a screening with a large audience. They are watching the end of the Film Noir fantasy sequence. The film ends and the audience hates it.
Ben and George are watching the audience reactions. They both agree they love their film. They do an elaborate handshake and the power shuts off. George asks Ben if he saved the film.
Travel and Food will be provided
Auditions will take place at Middlesex University, London
Dates: 10th, 11th, 12th February
Time: 10:00am – 6:00 pm

The shooting dates are:
17th Feb 2016
22th Feb 2016
23th Feb 2016
24th Feb 2016
28th Feb 2016


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