A combination between “The Departed” and “Snatch”, “The Goners will be my homage to Scorsese crime films with a unashamed Australian flavour to it. We will be taking the film through the international film festival circuit, selling it as it’s own genre of entertaining Australian crime film. Though I won’t be able to pay anyone, you will receive any footage for your show reels. This being my 4th film, my team and I have really honed our craft and skills, so we’ll be delivering an excellent final product. For some proof please email me for my show reel which shows the highlights from out cinematography, editing and visual effects talent.

This film will be a proof of concept for future feature films, which we will use to obtain funding for the composer and other necessary expenditures. Seeing how the current film was made using favours and footage as payment I can’t offer any pay. What I can offer is the chance to practice composing music for a genre of film that is truly rare air on the independent film circuit and that is a well crafted action film.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Boom Mic Operator

Skilled boom mic operator required for dialogue scenes. Non Paid but will be credited and given and footage or sound required for showreels, resumes or portfolios. An excellent opportunity to be on an independent film set, make connections and gain experience in the industry. Serious applicants only.

Anyone from New South Wales, Australia

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