We are shooting a short film in a bar over the course of two sundays. The title of the film is “Manor of Glass”. The film takes place in a trendy basement bar in Brighton, the story is about how we often let our personal history colour our impressions of new people we meet. A young gay couple, Aisha and Meadow, stop off in the bar while waiting for a friend and get unwillingly drawn into the slurred machinations of the local drunk. Aisha was raised on a council estate by her emotionally absent and hard drinking father and takes an immediate dislike of the old man while Meadow, who had a hippy-ish childhood in rural Surrey, has a more favourable laid back attitude towards him.

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Meadow is tom-boyish, she has a very relaxed easy going demeanour which is in contrast to Aisha’s fiercely guarded and confrontational nature. This is the reason they work as Meadow is the light to Aisha’s shadow, tempering her cynicism with a wooly optimism.

Females, aged 21 to 29 from Brighton, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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