Title: Caballero Casting, LLC **NON UNION Commercial Casting*** New Orleans area
Date: 1 May 2017 8:05 pm

Caballero Casting, LLC

**NON UNION Commercial Casting*** New Orleans area

SHOOT DATE(s): MAY 16th and 17th




SUBMISSION PROCESS: send submissions to caballerostaff@gmail.com

subject line should be role you are submitting for

Please submit photo that represent your personal style / experience related to role

(If Musician what instrument? , if Chef were do you work?, if mixologist where do you bartend?)


YOUNG MUSICIAN (25-35) Any ethnicity – Male He is a real musician (plays horn or guitar).

The young musician is relatable to our target and has a coolness to his attitude. His style is effortlessly cool. RATE: $2000.00

OLDER MUSICIAN (45+) Any Ethnicity – Male…REAL MUSICIAN. The older musician is wise, mature and looked up to by younger musicians.

He has seen many things and has many stories but is only comfortable in the spotlight when on stage playing his instrument (guitar or horn).

Compared to the young musician, he dresses stylishly conservative. Even though he isn’t stereo-typically good looking, his wisdom, talent and style more than make up for it. RATE: $2000.00

CHEF (25-35) Any Ethnicity – Male He’s a REAL CHEF. This guy is cool, interesting and confident.

He has a big personality and wields a knife like a ninja. He wears a chef coat but it doesn’t have to be white –

we just need to know he’s a chef. RATE: $2000.00

FASHIONISTA (22-30) Any Ethnicity – Female She’s young, sexy and fashionable with a look that has a mix of multiple cultures.

She could be a tattoo artist, painter or a stylist. Her unique style doesn’t come from expensive ready-made out ts by famous brands.

Instead, she uses boutique shops and second hand stores to help ‘make her look’. RATE: $1500.00

MIXOLOGIST (25-35) Caucasian – Male He’s a REAL bartender/mixologist.

This guy is an artist and scientist wrapped in one. He can make any drink known to man and some that haven’t been invented yet.

He’s witty charming and approachably good looking. He dresses professionally sharp with a collared shirt, tie and maybe a vest. RATE: $1500.00

MARDI GRAS REVELER (30-50) Any Ethnicity – Female She’s fun, interesting and unique.

She wears an authentic Mardi Gras costume with ease. Her costume is made well and is high quality.

She is the matriarch of New Orleans. ***PLEASE SUBMIT PHOTO IN COSTUME*** RATE: $1500.00

RAPPER (25-35) Any Ethnicity – Male

He’s a REAL RAPPER up and coming hip-hop star. He has swagger and a cool vibe.

He is confident in his stage presence. RATE: $1000.00

BAND MUSICIANS (25-70) Any Ethnicity. Male and Female. Real Musicians. Any instrumentation.

You can submit individually or as an entire band.

(No more than 4 pieces… please note if you and your band are interested but have more than 4 pieces we can reduce the individual rate to accommodate more members) RATE: $500.00 / Each Musician


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